UCLA Programs

Senior Outreach Program:

In line with our mission to promote lifelong learning, we have launched Dialogue Society Senior Outreach Program at UCLA. We are taking the positive dialogue on the road to the senior community. Enthusiastic students who want to gain outreach experience, build leadership and communication skills, and have a positive impact can apply and join the program.

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Student Life Wellness Program:

Dialogue Society at UCLA empowers our community of undergraduates, graduates, alumni, and staff to personal and collective well-being. Through open dialogue, we delve deep into various wellness topics, whether physical, emotional, social, or financial. Our conversations and activities are grounded in a healthy, safe environment, ensuring all members find the support and resources they need.


1. Wellness Education: Monthly workshops on all wellness aspects

2. Safe Environment: Code of conduct for respectful dialogues.

3. Community Support: Mentorship program with experienced members.

4. Active Dialogue: Discussions on wellness topics with expert guests.

5. Partnerships: Teaming up with campus groups for broader impact.

6. Passion Project: Older Adults’ Outreach

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