Announcement UCI UCLA

Response to COVID-19

We hope that you are well in this time of uncertainty. 

These are unprecedented times, which have caused us to change our daily lives. In response to COVID-19, to protect the health of our members, while also preserving our impact in the community, we are making the following key changes to our outreach program for the Spring Quarter:  

  • Club meetings will be held remotely on Zoom
  • Senior Outreach Program will be executed entirely remotely, with the potential to reach many senior community and residential centers
  • Senior Outreach Program activities (all done remotely) will be conducted more frequently to ensure we address the increased needs of our communities¬†

We realize this will be an adjustment for our members and partners but we are very grateful for the opportunity to continue serving the senior population who have been greatly affected by the virus due to their high risk and isolation. 

We are here to support you and look forward to the positive outcomes our program will have for our communities. 

To your health and wellness,
Dialogue Society