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Film Screening and Inspirational Dialogues with Auctus Productions — Recap 

On Thursday, March 5th and Friday, March 6th, 2020 we spent the evening with Auctus Productions, a New York Film Production company founded in 2014 by students. The events, presented by UCI Illuminations and at UCLA, respectively, consisted of watching short documentaries and having illuminating discussions about film production, the inspiration behind each film, starting a business, and the lessons that the young entrepreneurs of Auctus learned along the way.

Event Summary

Event Summary: The Complicated Art of Communication

This Tuesday, the UCLA members of Dialogue Society rounded up a cozy discussion on our two books of interest: Are You Really Listening? and Crucial Conversations. If you weren’t able to join us (and missed out on our plentiful snacks), here’s a recap of our discussion highlights.